Crescent Ulmer, Jeff Donohoe, Ian Lucas, Justin Renner

deadghost was first conceived in April of 2011 when the sweet voice and rhythmic guitar of solo artist Crescent Ulmer came together with the drumming of Ian Lucas and bass guitar of Jeff Donohoe. Starting off as accompaniment for singer/songwriter material, deadghost has evolved quickly to develop a very full and dancy sound that attracted a lot of followers in a short period of time. And with the recent addition of singer/songwriter/mandolinist Justin Renner, deadghost's sound has filled out even more.  As a band deadghost. has not slowed down since it started. Now, less than a year in, deadghost has over an album’s worth of material written, and has played shows in venues around Bloomington/Indianapolis such as The Bluebird, The Bishop, Rachel’s Café, Max’s Place,The Hard Rock Cafe, The Hoosier Dome, The Indy Hostile, and Rhino’s. Progression is a serious goal of every member of the band. They are all in this together and all have a roll beyond just playing our instruments. After winning a battle of the bands contest sponsored by the Music Entertainment Industry Student Association, and playing a nearly sold out show at The Bishop, deadghost is not slowing down.


2011 Demo

2 songs

Don't Go
Alright, Alright