Dania Morris


Singer, Songwriter originally from Indianapolis and now lives in Los Angeles. Here is her history in her own words: I was raised on Indy's hardcore scene and have been in bands in Indy and Miami, and currently live in LA. But lets start from the beginning. Circa 1981 I played flute in a bathing suite on "wild Thing" at what is now Stone Mug in broad ripple with a surf band called Vibrato Fetish. I lived with the lead singer Randy Creep at the time (strictly platonic), and later married the drummer Bam bam Oxenrider for a brief minute in time. He was also the drummer for the Race Records (rockabilly) and Dandelion Abortion (punk band with Paul Mahern) and the Slammies (punk band with his brother Rick on bass and Rapper and Ricky Slammie.) Much time was spent hanging with the Zero Boys (Tufty {bass player} was one of my roommates for a while) and Toxic reasons - just 2 of the many bands I did promo shots for. In 1984 I moved to Clearwater Florida, only to end up in Miami shortly there after where I became immersed in their alternative music scene both as an alternative DJ and member of several bands. First one of note was a girl band called "Lyrics for Lunch" we were the first alterative female darlings of the scene. My guitar player was Kathi George (that's George/Hullman Indy 500) whom I had to moved to Florida to meet at Art School, even though we were both raised in Indiana. One of our groupies at the time was Brian Warner AKA Marilyn Manson. He used to write for the local music rags and gave us several blushing reviews. We later shared the same music management team that helped propel Mason to the big time. Also in the twisted little circle at the time was an alternative turned county band called the Mavericks that was made up of some Miami boys that later moved to Nashville to do the whole country thing. After several successful years with Lyrics for Lunch I decided to go it on my own and released my first solo recording as Dania Morris called "Beethoven's Boots" Backing tracks courtesy of Indy band "The Oliver Syndrome" who just so happened to be my brother Oliver Morris' band at the time. Prior to that he was in PS Dump your Boyfriend, and also my Favorite project of his - a 3 piece (stand up base) punk band called Mud. During the 11 years I spent in south Florida I traveled up and down the east coast with bands and recorded regularly in Indy where my brother Oliver was honing his producer skills recording bands like The Why Store and Antenna, learning all he could from my ex-husbands good friend and band mate Paul Mahern. Other notable Miami projects were a 10 piece band called "The Baboons" in which I played flute and keyboards, and "Mood" a band I formed after the release of my solo project so I had local musicians to play and tour with. Mood actually managed to play the bluebird (Bloomington, IN) in the early 90's when we were in Indy recording a 5 song demo tape. In 1995 I returned to Indy for 3 years and formed the band Metanoia with Steve Kennan, Johnny Mills and Matt Price. We played all the local original music venues at the time, and managed to record 6 songs of about 40 or so originals we had written as a band. While in Indy I also played flute for Big MF Stick and was on two tracks (flute and piano) for their second release "Peanut Butter Jelly People" I played flute live with "Birdmen of Alcatraz" on several occasions and their bass player Steve was my bass player Jonnies cousin. There were other times I played live with many of the local musicians of that era. I also played my own twisted version of Jazz Piano every Thursday (Wednesday?) at the Midtown cafe in Broad Ripple. Sneaking in piano covers of my favorite bands like Nine Inch Nails and mostly my own original stuff. All along the was I taught private music lessons to help supplement my original rock star income. I mention this now because one of my students was the daughter of Zero Boys' bass player - Tufty, Cheyenne Cluff. Which brings me back to the beginning of my days as a young punk sneaking into Crazy Als to see the zero boys play. In 1998 I moved to LA and have been here ever since. Still teaching music lessons and occasionally performing as a singer/songwriter. Making an honest living as a web developer and creative


Mood Boots and Metanoia

13 songs

These Boots Are Made for Walkin'
So Here I Am
Lock Away
Set Me Free
All of You
Moonlight Sonata
Bad Air
Prince Charming
Already There
Everything you need
I Just want to be Beethoven