Cuarenta (Glock 40)

Paul 'Glock 40' Summers was born and raised into music on the eastside if Indianapolis, Indiana. After joining the Speech & Debate Team for the second year in a row; He was one of the 2011 IHSFA Sectional Finalists in Poetry, placing top 50 for Poetry in the state of Indiana. He was recently awarded with the 2012 MSD Perry Township Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. High School Poetry Contest 1st place Award; after receiving it the previously in 2011. Paul is the kind of educated artist from the hood that knows progression is the biggest change of life. His actions speak louder than words, and his lyrics speaks for itself. His work ethics are high along with his creativity and ego. Even if 40 doesn't make it, he knows he had gained on has accomplishments and experience, which some people could never say.



3 songs

One Day ft. Aria & RonC (Prod. by Nicholas Harris)
Ain Gone Stunt ft. Msx. Fancy (Prod. by Nicholas Harris)
Overbooked ft. RonC 9prod. by Nicholas Harris)