Coyote Talk

Josh Frigo Alex Dobbert Ben Goodrow
Grown where the hard lines of urban landscape marry the first rows of Indiana corn fields, Coyote Talk is a classic yet daring band. Members Josh Frigo, Alex Dobbert, and Ben Goodrow seek to honor their midwestern roots while pushing the boundaries of heartland rock. The three founders met while attending college near Indianapolis. Dropping out of school to pursue work as musician, Josh moved to Nashville, TN, whose country traditions found their way into the music of Coyote Talk. Since then the three have toured the midwest, worked with local Indy and Nashville artists, and released their debut full-length album, "Sister." There are only more thrilling sounds and exciting growth ahead for Coyote Talk as they continue to produce new music and capture the attention of live audiences.



2 songs

01 American Soul
09 Glory Bones