the Constants

NIC - guitar / vox NICK - keys / bg vox LOUIS - bass / vox JOHAN - drums / bg vox

Like a psychedelically enhanced trip through past eras, The Constants present a wall of sound spanning over 3 decades of rock and roll influences dating back to the 1950's. Taking cues from vintage pop music and channeling it into an overblown, tape-saturated wall of fuzzed-out garage rock, elements of surf rock, doo wop and bubblegum pop arise from beneath the raucous. The Constants perfectly embody entire generations of musical progress without ever having lived through them, all while injecting their sound with the youthful vigor that only the washed-out landscapes of the Midwest underground can produce.

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Black/white photograph by Johanna Palmieri.


No Organ

3 songs

Reigning Sorrow
Unchained Hearts
Darkness of the Night