Charles Gonzalez


I've been recording underground pop music on analog reel to reel tape for the last 12 years, first in Bloomington, Indiana and more recently in San Francisco. I am having a tumultuous affair with the electric guitar and I must confess that I have an addiction to noise that has been both a blessing and a curse, depending on how you see the world. Through the use of tape delays and electronic filters, I manipulate sound to I create melancholy songs with a hint of the psychedelic. I mostly write about dangerous, but beautiful people and things, alternate states of reality, emotions, and fast cars that I don't drive. I actually prefer to be the passenger, get mellow and enjoy the ride. When I have a band, we are called THE STEREO GLITTER. Most of the time however, I perform alone with an acoustic guitar.

Bloomington, San Francisco. Also see Lessick, Lines in Analog Sound and Stranded at the Drive-In. Guitar and Vocals