Caligula's Birthday Party

Earl Keith, Jesse Connors, Sean Marnocha, Dante Decanini

Caligula's Birthday Party is an Indie/Alternative/Math Rock band based out of Bloomington, Indiana. Although our current collection of recorded music is sparse, our focus has been on expanding our catalogue of original music through writing and composing new material. The goal here has been to combine the sweetness and accessibility of loveable pop music with the technical, driving, and structurally diverse elements found in math rock. With each new piece we write, we become that much more excited to relay the material onto as many listeners as humanly possible. In order to do that, we're working on finding the best (cheapest) way of recording our music so that we can get it into your hands for you to enjoy. So any support toward our cause is more than appreciated, but what we really ask of anyone here is to just spread our music to as many ears possible. That is, if you dig us enough.


We Sports

4 songs

Wood Words
Brilliant Homework
Carpe Liam

Blooming, Buzzing Confusion

3 songs

Celebration of Common Folk
Ed Hesive
Caligula's Birthday Party