The Cadavers

Dru Cadaver, Kurt (Corpse) Fester, Brad (Scarecrow) St. Patrick, Craig Chaos, Chris (Carcass) Grady, Dena (Dementia) Brown, Saint Cadaverous
On an abysmal summer day in 1998, abomination began to take form under the name of THE CADAVERS. The goal was to combine the best elements of Punk, Deathrock, and Black Metal, and to blend horror imagery with a chaotic performance. Add this dichotomy of blasphemous outbursts set against pounding apocalyptic music that sounds like it has been exorcised from the minds of deranged lunatics. That would be the best description of this depraved music. With founding members Scarecrow (guitar), Corpse (bass), and Carcass (drums) they began playing gigs with various singers from within the local Indianapolis punk scene. But it soon became apparent that none of these front men could match the intensity and forcefulness that this trios music created And so it went until the sprint of 2000 when longtime friend and collaborator Dru was brought into the fold. August would find this line up in the recording studio working on their self-titled debut release. Halloween of the same year was also the introduction of a second female vocalist, Dementia, who would stay with the band for a two year stretch, and lend her voice to the 2002 follow up album Suicide Fantasy. This album would also see the enlistment of new drummer Craig Chaos. Replacing longtime drummer Carcass, who abruptly quit the band. In late 2003, Scarecrow was let go from the band for professional reasons and replaced with new guitarest "Saint Cadaverous".



3 songs

The Hand that Wounds
Lingering Pain
Afraid to Die