Noah Hewett-Ball, Dave Chale, Billy Lease, Sarah Welder

While illustrating simple themes of hopes and fears, Cabin manages to elevate the everyday and sweeten the bitter moments into cinematic worth. Cabin's gently driving rock explores the depths of sound while the keeping the gravity of lyrics and simple melodies in touch. Never a servant to fashion or time, Cabin's music will prove to hold up against the past, present and future of 'Rock' n' Roll'. In August of 2004, Cabin emerged without history onto the Louisville music scene, earning the praise, the 'Band out of nowhere'.

Louisville, KY Noah Hewett-Ball- Vocals,Keys,Guitar; Dave Chale- Drums; Billy Lease- Bass; Sarah Welder- Violin,keys


I Was Here EP- selections

2 songs

I Was Here
Cover(Ing) Your Eyes