Bonfire John

Owen Yonce
Bonfire John started as a solo project by singer songwriter, Owen Yonce in the winter months of 2010. Since that time, Yonce has worked hard to establish himself in the local music scene of Carmel, Indiana where his band originates. Yonce released his first album, “Makin’ The Most” with the help of recording engineer and founder of Tree Machine Records, Zack Anselm. Yonce and Anselm spent two long months recording, mixing and creating music to finish “Makin’ The Most” by the beginning of the summer of 2011. Together, Yonce and Anselm have gone on to create another album with, “Gather ‘Round”. With the help of Tree Machine Records, Yonce is playing local venues and starting to branch out to national venues as well. The band has played a handful of shows in the Indianapolis area along with the suburb of Carmel. Yonce has moved the band’s permanent home to Bloomington, IN to take on the local music scene. Yonce has tentatively planned a tour of the Midwest to kick off no later than August of 2013. At that time, Yonce will have released his 3rd album which is in the process of being mixed. Currently, Owen Yonce is the only permanent band member. Past members have included Brian McGowan, Eric Jones, Jack Sullivan, Taylor Riner, Andy Painchaud, and Zach Mellencamp. While playing live shows, Yonce puts together a 3-piece of talented studio musicians. For more information on the band, label, or its members visit the band on facebook, or follow us at You can also reach us at the band’s current label at


Making the Most

13 songs

Silly People
I'm Right On
Purple Fingers
Fit for Desire
She Lifts Me Up
Ride With Me
Fade To Blue (Farewell song)
Hidden Track
Ya Never Learn Babe
Annie's Pavement Song
To Remember Me By
Madeline's Song

Gather 'round

4 songs

Gather 'round
French Song
Love in the Woods
Gather 'round (alternate take)