Bobber Jarrett
The story of Bobberlove is the perfect example of playing the long game. With a lifetime of devouring music and cataloging what he has found musically interesting, his music has finally started taking form in a culmination of all his influences. Learning multiple instruments and how they worked together would be a very time consuming endeavor. Although not expertly, his chops have finally caught up with his musical ideas allowing him to begin putting songs together to share. Combining his early impactful influences of The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Black Sabbath, Beck, Metallica, NWA, The Flaming Lips and Ween (to name a few) with his new musical crushes Khruangbin, Anderson Paak, Courtney Barnett, Aldous Harding, Mac DeMarco, Vince Staples and Vulfpeck (to name a few) he has formed a unique sound that is best described as Alternative Funk Pop-Rock. With so much going on and so many life options, why make art? For the love, of course, but Bobberlove struggled with finding complimentary motivating factors. What he came up with, to move him forward, was posterity and charity! He believes leaving behind art is one of the best gifts that you can give your family and society. Along with that, giving away resources to those most deserving is critically important to his drive and accountability. Being the son of two retired school teachers and having two young sons of his own just starting school, he has decided to give a large percentage of all proceeds made from his art to public school teachers in his hometown of Indianapolis. Earthly benevolence should be the guide!



2 songs

Relevant Elephant
Ben Waiting