Ty Winslow - guitar and vocals Sarah LaBarge - bass and vocals Eddie Boswell - guitar Travis Swint - drums

Battersea is a band of four twenty somethings in Indianapolis that enjoy playing weird, but heavy music. Battersea formed in September 2013 with the impetus of the band's original bassist and vocalist, Randi Guthrie. After spending a few months jamming and writing, the band starting playing live around Indianapolis and recorded a demo under the engineering direction of guitarist Eddie Boswell. Randi Guthrie left the band in September 2014. Sarah LaBarge filled in the bass and vocals position in early 2015.



4 songs

Battersea - Demo - 01 Battlestag
Battersea - Demo - 02 Trenchdigger
Battersea - Demo - 03 Church Machine Protection Program
Battersea - Demo - 04 The Cave