Apollo Mono

Joe Eakins Mike Ashley Shelby Siefring Danielle Teagarden

Anti-gravity, and establishment. Apollo Mono formed in spring 2012 during the Lyrids meteor shower. It was a classic case of two meets two when long-time friends, bandmates, and guitarists Mike and Joe befriended long-time friends, bandmates, and recent Indy transplants Shelby and Danielle, who brought the missing pieces: drums and bass, respectively. Initially trading repertoires of bands past, the makings of Apollo Mono rapidly began to take shape, conjuring a mix of hook-driven songwriting with a tinge of psychedelia that would, they hope, make the likes of everyone from Neil Young & Crazy Horse to Built to Spill proud. Playing a number of dates in 2012, Apollo Mono welcomed 2013 by digitally releasing a pair of tracks, "Suicide Embassy" and "I See You," mastered by Pete Lyman of Infrasonic Sound (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Sebadoh, The Soft Pack). Closing out 2013 with a storm of songwriting and a series of shows throughout the great state of Indiana, Apollo Mono is hunkering down in the songwriting laboratory and below-ground studio to fully form a wave of new music for 2014 release.



3 songs

Suicide Embassy
I See You