Ben Leslie, Adam Gross

Awakening Musical Opportunities, or A.M.O. for short, is an experiential music education program based out of Indianapolis, IN. Partnering with Musical Family Tree, co-founders Adam Gross and Ben Leslie strive to make participants aware that anyone has the ability to write a song if they so desire. Creating a piece of music can seem so far out of reach for anyone (kids, people with disabilities, or even adults) without any practical experience doing so. Our program aims to make that reach a little closer by guiding our participants, step by step, through the writing, performing and recording of a song. Our hope is that, through the creation of their own songs, the participants will have the experience and the confidence needed to go forward and create music on their own.


AYS Fall Break Camp (AKA The Hungries)

1 songs

Food Chain

CIC Summer Camp (AKA Camp Cool Crew)

1 songs

Camp is Fun!