The American Night

Jon S. -Vocals Doug B. -Guitar Kevin J. -Drums Mikey D. -Bass
The American Night consists of four talented musicians from Indiana that have set out to make their mark on rock and roll! Creation Created in 2006 by front man Jon Stombaugh and guitarist Doug Bowmer, the band formerly known as Vinyl changed their name and added drummer Kevin Jordan and bassist Michael Daniells to form what is now the American Night. The name The American Night is inspired by a collection of poems written by Jim Morrison as a tribute and salute to one of the bands prodominant influences, The Doors. Going On The Road After the creation of the band the American Night has persued playing bigger and better shows raising the standard of what a live performance should include. They have sold out shows and set an attendance record at a show in their hometown of Fishers Indiana. In just five short years they have played in front of thousands of people on stages including Verizon Wireless, University of Indianapolis, Fishers Freedom Festival and the BlueBird. Recently they attracted the attention of Bob Kevoian, from the Bob and Tom show on Q95, encouraging The American Night to record a self-titled four song EP at The Static Shack in Indianapolis. Finding Their Sound The American Night's sound was once described by A&R music represenatives as the love child of Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith and The Doors. Although the bandmates of The American Night will never agree and often refuse to be mentioned in the same list as what they consider "rock legends," fans often agree with A&R's description. The American Night has their influences but its when they add their own style to the mix that their sound really stands out from other rock n' roll bands. Their sound involves a mixture of vocals, lyrics, guitar, bass, and drums that touches on the entire spectrum of emotion. The American Night Live!! The American Night is a high energy band that puts on an amazing live show! Fans often say that their show was more of an experience rather than just seeing an event. Between guitar solos behind the back, fast paced bass lines, and impressive drum solos, there is simply no room for sitting at an American Night show! Part of Their Community The American Night uses their talents to benefit their communities and charitable organizations throughout the state. They have been part of the line up for the annual AIDS Benefit Concert in their hometown as well as raised money for cancer research. They have also contributed to shelters for battered women by playing a concert and joining forces with Kappa Delta at Indiana University. The list of community events continues and will only grow because The American Night takes great pride in helping their community and others. A message from The American Night We wanted to take this time to thank all of our fans who's support has been outstanding. You have helped us grow and pursue our goals as a band and we could never thank you enough. Our fans and our charitable organizations is what keeps The American Night running. Thank you, The American Night



4 songs

Make It Last
Last Call
Dressed Up Devils
World Gone Mad