Alexander The Great

Bryant Fox, Chris Stearly, Ben Lumsdaine, Pat Beard, Eric Knipstine, Aaron Burkhart
bryant fox used to go to the marion county public library because of their excellent selecton in both reading material and smooth jazz. upon finding out how high his late fees were, bryant moved to monroe county and joined ATG. chris stearly was working very hard one day on perfecting his wrestling finishing move, the "stone cold stunner." when news arrived that stone cold steve austin had already trademarked the move chris decided to join ATG instead. ben lumsdaine was under the impression that you had to put the holes in swiss cheese yourself after purchasing said cheese from the store. upon learning that it came with holes already, ben decided to join ATG. eric knipstine appears to be a young man. in all actuality eric is 37 years old with three children. when members of his female fan club found out, his reputation was ruined. to avoid further discussion of the matter he joined ATG instead. pat beard is a true american maverick. if you look up the word in the dictionary you will see that the fourth definition is pat beard. not wanting to be the fourth best definition of the word maverick pat joined ATG as soon as he could.