Action Strasse

Vess von Ruhtenberg - guitar, voice; John Zeps - guitar; Tony Reitz - bass; Tommy Roosa - drums

Action Strasse came about in an odd way. It all began when the former members of the rather brutal hardcore group Majhas found themselves without a singer. Perhaps in some state of unrealistic, chemically-induced optimism, the surviving Majhas members (John Zeps, Tony Reitz, and Tommy Roosa) called on Vess von Ruhtenberg in an attempt to see what their collective talents could produce. Ruhtenberg, who was in Architectural design school and pressed for time, wrote a song an hour before each rehearsal and before long (10 rehearsals!) the group had an explosive batch of songs. Recorded and mixed in 5 days, 'American Gas Jive' is a tribute to the golden age of the rock album. Songs about girls, petrol, and how religion and war are destroying humanity, all fit annoyingly well together in these troubling times.

Each of the members of Strasse have also been formative members other notable projects, including The Lemonheads, Ice Nine, Zero Boys, United States Three, The Pieces, Burn It Down, Antenna, Velo Deluxe, Majhas, and many more. No doubt some of these bands eclipse the humble standing of Action Strasse, but this is likely to change as this inspiring brothel of songs begins to be heard. The sheer range of this band’s repertoire – from alternative-rock-iconography to hardcore punk-legend – has congealed into a unique and well-informed musical vision, sure to shock fans of past groups, but also sure to develop a historic fan-base of its own.


American Gas Jive

2 songs

Impatient Love
American Gas Jive