A Thieves Parade

Craig Melvin - vocals / guitars / percussion Nik Jensen - vocals / guitars / synths / percussion Jeremy Lovell - bass guitars / synths / percussion Christopher Melvin - drums / percussion
A Thieves Parade is a four piece experimental rock outfit from central Indiana. The core members of the band, Nik Jensen (vox, guitar, synth), Craig Melvin (vox guitar), and Chris Melvin (drums,percussion), have been making music together in one way or another for almost 15 years. The chemistry and comradery definitely shows from the writing process to the studio and especially on stage. The addition of Jeremy Lovell (bass, synth) in late 2009 has been the perfect compliment to all of the above. They've forged their own special brand of dynamic, emotion heavy, conspiracy / lunacy / isolation driven, space rock with their first full length album SIRENS released in March 2009 and are now in the process of writing / recording their second full length album entitled DUCK & COVER to be released in the Fall of 2010.



3 songs

Sleep Forever
Forest (the blood and snow)