A Lull

Nigel Dennis : All Todd Miller : All Mike Brown : All Aaron Vincel : Drums, Percussion Ashwin Deepankar : Drums, Percussion Patrick Burnell : Trumpet, Percussion, Guitar Kate Myers : Vocals, Percussion
For over two years, A Lull was an idea that was being flushed out and tried and retried in basements, bedrooms and practice spaces all around Chicago. Then, in December of 2008, Nigel Evan Dennis, Todd Miller and Mike Brown decided to make their long, hard work public. They formed a live band to play a few of the more than fifty songs that they’d recorded over those two years of writing. Since the beginning, the writing hasn’t changed much. It is and always has been a process that’s primarily based on trial and error. Nothing is off limits- throwing a pile of percussive instruments against a wall, churning a can full or garbage and beer bottles with a broom stick, hitting drums with microphones, recording unplugged electric guitars with extremely sensitive microphones- and many things don’t make it into the songs, but some do. Having recorded everything themselves, A Lull has the opportunity to try anything and everything and then keep what works. In May of 2008, A Lull released its debut effort, Ice Cream Bones EP, an EP that is a sort of compilation of the four songs that were the closest to a finished state at the time and that made sense together. It was an introduction to the band, and is an EP that showcases the band’s range as well as its ability to write pop songs that are sonically interesting and imaginative while remaining catchy and accessible at the same time. Since December of 2008, as an eight-piece band at its largest and a five-piece at its smallest, A Lull has played all over Chicago in venues such as Schubas, Empty Bottle, Bottom Lounge, Subterranean, Beat Kitchen and more, and has also taken it’s show on the road, to the east coast as well as to many other cites in the Midwest. The balance of writing and touring continues. A Lull is currently writing and recording songs for its upcoming full-length album, Confetti. The band will also be touring significantly, with plans of making it back to the east coast at least two more times before the year is out.


Ice Cream Bones EP

4 songs

Skinny Fingers
White Gold
Little Echoes
Our Age

Weapons For War (Single)

1 songs

Weapons For War