A Caesar Holiday

Benjamin Masbaum, Lauren Eison, Zachary Petersen, Shawn Wolfolk, Daniel Sansone, Andy Rittenhouse

The self-titled debut album from A Caesar Holiday presents an honest and inspired interpretation of rock and avant-garde. This mostly instrumental album combines the musicianship of violinist Lauren Eison, guitarists Benjamin Masbaum and Shawn Woolfolk, bassist Daniel Sansone, and drummer Zach Petersen. Through their collective inspiration A Caesar Holiday puts experimental rock in touch with the power of instrumental and vocal harmony. Sensual violin ambiance melts with dynamic guitar texture, delineating into a framework of melodic bass modes and minimalist drum patterns. The apex of the album rests on Eison’s sultry voice, which compels the listener to conjure comparisons to the tones of early R&B and soul. The album holds six epic tracks whose orchestration defies conventional song structure. Individual songs project multitudes of changing moods and spectrums of sound, while the album as a whole flows together as one cohesive idea. Artistically solid, this album promises to exceed the expectations of the average listener. Perfect for rock purists, jazz fans, and indie-rockers alike. Enjoy.


Self Titled Album

2 songs

Post-Coital Coffee
A Little Bird Told Me

Self Titled Album

4 songs

Let Bygones
Snoopy Takes The Cake
The Narcissist
Your Very Own Ocean

The End Of Norman Rockwell

1 songs

little boots

The End of Norman Rockwell

2 songs

The End of Norman Rockwel
Suddenly Our Bed, Big as it May Be, Became Small